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Background history of Chunati Hakimia Government Primary School

Chunati Hakimia Government Primary School is one of the best among 64 government primary school in Lohagara sub-district. It is situated on the top of a hill which is blessed with abundance of natural beauty all around it. Many deprived children of this area get their chances to be educated and get some taste of real life.

The school established and started its activities back in 1940. Late Estfazur Rahman contributed 3 acres of land for this school. Later on, Headmaster of Chunati High School Mr. Jogesh Pal had contributed one acres of land after being specially requested by renowned social worker Late Ishak Miah, Late EstaFali Miah and Late Kazem Master. It was nationalized in 1973. At that time Mr. Akhter Kamal was the Principal of the school.

In 1983 Mr. Hasan Siddiqi was promoted as Headmaster from Assistant Headmaster. In 1984 Mr. Sobhan agreed to build the one storied building in the north side with the efforts of Mr. Hasan Siddiqi. The construction of the building consumed in 1988.

Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of the village. A great number of dwellers maintain there livelihood on service, public or private, at house and abroad,while some business enterprises too,made their head-way,over and above, the agriculture adds a new dimension to the total economy and make it remarkably well, though not well off.

Among the official activities from 1981 to 2006 the number of students achieved talent pool scholarship was 7 and there were 26 students who got general scholarships. Private scholarships achieved in 2003 were 7, 13 in 2004 and 11 in 2005. Many Scholar students of the school are studying in some renowned unversities in Bangladesh.

Now this school is in 3rd position in the Lohagara sub-district according to academic and infrastructural facilities. With the management of the well qualified members of executive committee, for the past three years there are arrangements of lunch for all the students and honorable personnel of the village. As a result the managing committee of this school was recognized as the best managing committee. There 650 students and 8 teachers in this school. Most of the teachers posses graduation and post graduation degrees.

Present Teachers :

1. Mr. Monir Ahmed, Headmaster
2. Ms. Faridur Rahman
3. Ms. Nasima Akhtar
4. Ms. Rabeya Begum
5. Mr. Elias
6. Ms. Karabi Kannya Pal
7. Mr. Tanvir Shawkat
8. Ms. Shahin Akhtar.

In the year 2002 a new garden was made by local arrangements in this school which cost 1200 TK and a 48 step stairway was built as the passageway for students at the cost of 32000 TK.

In future there are planning for construction of a concrete boundary and a library for this school. For the skills, honesty, sincerity and open mind ness of the teachers the institution is having great success every year. There is a great determination to make this school a model of educational institution very soon.

Article Prepared By Mr. Monir Ahmed (Headmaster) in 2006, Information  provided in the writing based on the year 2006.


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