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The door of amicable possibilities

The door of amicable possibilities
 Saiful Huda Siddiquee. Boro Moulavi Bari,  Chunati.
(Thanks Dear Rashedul Hoque and Dear Amir Ahmed Khan for Provide Latest picture and Information with data of road)  
Chunati Ishaque Mia Road connecting key of Chunati to Pantrisha via Nariccha Chanda Patial which will be a high quality road network by connecting geographic locations, road networks facilitate the transport and movement of people, goods, and services, creating welfare and surely will be play a crucial role in the economic development of the Entire Lohagara Upzila. Improving Connectivity of more isolated local Communities (Southeast side of lohagar upzila  ) this road connects remote residents with the areas where employment options are more concentrated and services and facilities more readily available.
The newly constructed Chunati Ishaque Mia Road Chunati Munsef bazaar to Pantrisha via Narichha Chanda Patial total length of the road 9 (nine) kilometer and The total width of the road is 24 feet and width of paved portion is 18 feet with 3 feet shoulders on both sides.which the total Project cost Taka 23crore Finance by Bangladesh Government and World Bank.  
Regarding History of Christening and main purpose of this Road Major General Mia Mohammad Zainul Abedin wrote on his note at “Priyo Chunati Viber” group 
Quote “ Ishaque Mia, my beloved father, was the President (UP Chairmen used to be called at that time) of Chunati Union and also a Member of Chunati UP for long. Because of lack of direct road link, the vast eastern parts of the Union comprising villages Patial Para, Chanda, Narischa, Pantrisha and Faranga were detached from mainland Chunati. One had to pass through two other Unions (namely Adhunagar and Putibila) to reach these villages as there was no direct road connectivity. Besides, four big canals namely Hatiya, Chanda, Chambi and Dalu had to be negotiated enroute. Students from these villages had to endure painful hardships to come to Chunati High School and Chunati Madrasah.Transportation of goods, materials and agricultural products to and from these places was a nightmare.
Direct road connectivity with these far flung localities was Ishaque Mia's long chrished dream and Ishaque Mia Road is the realisation of that dream. As recognition of his contributions, Lohagarah Upazila Parishad, through a resolution, proposed to name the road after him. The LGRD Ministry finally was pleased to approve the proposal through a Gazette notification.
The road originates from Munsef Bazar and ends at Faranga. The 9 kilometer long road crisscrosses through hillocks, meadows and vales and presents a unique panoramic scenario. The metalled portion of the road is 24 feet wide with shoulders on both sides. The road is swarmed with school going children in mornings and afternoons. Taking a leisurely stroll along the scenic road is a popular daily past time for the elders. It offers unbound opportunities to explore the untapped economic potentials of Chunati. It has opened a window for investment in agro based economic activities. Numbers of agro farms are mushrooming on both sides of the road. Last but not the least; we won't have to swim across Hatiya Khal any more to go to Football fields in these days of the year. In short, Ishaque Mia Road, with its immense benefits, has transformed the socio-economic conditions of the entire community.” Unquote 
The road will connect Haji Samsu Para , Over the Kahtial khal infronth of Chunati Mehrunnessa Primary School. ,Moulana Para, South Satghor Boroghuna , Patial Para , Majir Para, Chanda , Nariccha and finally Pantrisha joint with Faranga Shorok nearby bridge of dolu khal. Later iT may connect to Lama and Bandarban district through Kiaju para lama.  Chuanti is a union under Lohagara Upazila of Chittagong District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Lohagara Upazila is situated between Chittagong and Cox's bazar. It is one of the largest and most densely populated upazilas of Bangladesh. The upazila consists of 9 union parishads, 40 mouzas and 43 villages. Lohagara Upazila under chittagong district area 258.87 sq km, located in between 21°54' and 22°05' north latitudes and in between 92°00' and 92°13' east longitudes. It is bounded by satkania upazila on the north, chakaria and lama upazilas on the south, bandarban sadar and Lama upazilas on the east, banshkhali upazila on the west. Population Total 266741; male 134094, female 132647; 
Water bodies Tonkaboti, Dalu, Hadar and Hanqar canals; Jelaichhara and Dhalai beels are notable. Lohagara Thana was formed in 1981 and it was turned into an upazila in 1983.
This road will benefits its nearby inhabitants improved accessibility to social infrastructure like school and health centers, increase opportunities to access education and health facilities and improved social interaction and mobility, which are important for social and economic development. Additionally, there is improved access to markets by reducing transport costs; improvement of the marketability of perishable goods through timely and cheaper transport that will provide a direct incentive for more market oriented agriculture; and with more profitable cash crops, an increase in rural income and also additional employment opportunities.
World legendary writer Ms. Melody Beattie “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” We can assure you that words are inadequate to express our gratitude to you, We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of the enduring work and dedication provided by the our golden son of Chunati Major General Mia Mohammad Zainul Abedin (Bacchu) Prime Minister’s Military Secretary, Your efforts in making our community a Premier village where we can all Safely live, Move, work, play, exercise, and enjoy our families and friends contributes to the quality of life for all of us. 
The horizontal line of light will be exposing in areas such as tourism, cultivation, forestry, education etc. This road will open the door of amicable possibilities.
(This is 1st part of recent Development work of Chunati and its near and will be continue) 


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