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Chunati, a tiny village though, is capable of making lasting impressions on all that chanced to make it an abode as a student of ‘Hakimia Madrasha’ in particular.

“Chunu tia, a Moghi colloquial meaning a small cottage, is antiquated with the late 16 century at the earliest, having linkages with Arakani-Bengali Sultanate cross currents of ever more inference, deepening and widening and political & socio cultural implications. Moghi stewardship extending a cross the he locked and hill sided beds and plain lands, ranging from the Tipperah Assam, a long the chittagong hill track. Overwhelming Akiabs  Mayanmar regions- Where in Chunati falls with in and yonder Adunagar of Adhu Khan, the chieftain acting as an Over seer. Under Mughal Over, lord shift.

Historical Shah Shuja Road       

Grand, trunk road of Sheer Shah wrought up Bengal Burma route over stretching south East Asian regions. Even in water ways connection during the Ancient and Mediaeval Ages Chunati marked an edging point of Moghi Arakani Country land stretched out a long the elongated Hillsides. Bounded side by side, by the Bay of Bengal.

Bramhauttara, Rohinga ghuna, Ratar Kull and the like some certain surviving spots of by gone days memorizes of Mughi Arakani Hegemony still resounds, Arakanis, Burmese ruling nausea and overtones. Bengali Moghi numerically deferent as a populace. Continued without substantial oddities until the meeting era, of the two centuries, sixteenth and Seventeenth, when Bengalis were initially found settled up there hard pressed from side ways and all around.

Since some times past, two brothers renowned as Bara Miaji and Chuto Miaji immerged there from in the northern portion of the elongated hillock; while on the other end (southern) is domiciled bye one, Abdur Rahman khondakar hailing from Bashkali, Had his son Mawlana Abdul Hakim left there in Chunati, who latterly Made himself the famous deciple of Sayed Ahmad Berelavi (Shahed E Ballakat). His progenies all high educated and help top most positions in the public service and made the first batch of Magistracy during East India Company Rule. Who in course of time made it hallooed sanctuary for intellectual advancement and spiritual attainments of square accomplishments.

Mawlana Abdul Hakim achieved great, grant laudatory achievements with sword, and pen in hand (according to Usuf Selim Chisty) His bedchamber Happened to be the sixth next to Brelavi Shahed (K A Nezami) called him a boon companion.

Chunati Hakimia Madrasah is all along renowned to be his own handiwork, of Unending acclaim far and wide; and thus the foundation date is handed down to be 1810, hence the Second Centenary of the madrasah is under way for Celebration.

Needless to say, in making of actual pace-gaits is seldom calculated far from the Numerical courses in this account. Some certain Flimsy opinions are unto counter it on feeble grounds. Such as a Mawlana Abduk Hakim a mere 15  years old cannot be consider to be a man to start a madrasah, on the other hand his assignments as a tutor of Tipo Sultans progenies indicate that he  had been at that time 20-30 years old. This sounds simply ridicules because Malavi Abdul Hakim, son of Mawlana Abdul Rahman ‘Khondakar’. A teacher by profession can By all stemmata be a teacher at least in Elementary Course at home full of subsequent courses ae well.

Beside, some say, one standing document available at hand through the handwriting of Mawlana Faize denotes that the same madrasah has ones by named as Samia . According  to its founder “Wazihullah Sami”  this is simply a bedeviled situation which suffaises it self to be a fact  that he could well, rename it “Nasiria” after his elder brothers  name, Who made an East India Company First batch of Magistracies. So Samia Madrasah,as such cannot be a decided Factor to foist or foible the case of Hakimia. More over Samia Madrasah as reported, bespeaks, ran well for substantial times, The holy soul Shah Mawlana Nazir Ahmad got it full flagged institution and it was registered as a fazil madrasah under Bengal Education Board Calcutta Alias and renamed it himself Hakimia madrasah,instead of Samia. It continued as such unabated with the name Hakimiah. Without any question, what so ever any time anywhere. Since them 1937 and subsequently after words the time of half a century Hakimia Madrasah unlike very many of its kind found currency at home an abroad remain ‘if so fact to, In constant growth and development despite all crucial ups and downs in the country and beyond. Off course and exceptional fatra hindrance, interims of flight of six teachers from the top, quieted it at a time. Which was immediately fulfilled, they say, by ‘local recruitment’ and exceptional phenomena as well.

These states of affairs running uninterrupted poignantly denote the Second Centenary of the madrasah in question, where in contrary opinions can’t stand to make this ‘second centenary doubtful’.

Chunati provides for some certain unique traits as regards its topography and dwelling populace that made it a spectacular entity of its own. Madrasah hill is found to gradually accommodate one Kamil Madrasah. One High School, on the north; a Girls college on the south west; a Mohila Alim Madrasah on the East; a primary Scholl along side; The vast Sirat Maiden with Cultural Complex and a Capital Jamee Mosjid along with the Shrine Hafez Shah Shaheb.

This very village owns two big Jame Mosque Contains in its as many as seven to Ten Family Mosque (Panjegana) where in regular assembly prayer is helled with Tahajjud and Nawafel ”more of ten then not”.

The present author lift there as a student in six house holds. For full five year, 1952-1957 always abided in the Kachari ghor of yousuf Monjil with his father Head Mawlana Mujaffar which was the meeting center of all sorts, all the time.

In my keen awareness everything here impressed on me with out word and in Word intoxications to say. My companionship with friends and play mat my Outing a hunting. My fishing thrills with hooks and nets where in Pagli Khal and Different ponds used to predominate; even in my ripe seventies I cant think of Myself divorced of this transit period of five years up to puberty. Off all, I must recollect the holy Souls like quarry Monir Ahmed with whom I always enjoyed hook fishing, Morhom Kazi Ismail, Mowlavi Taher Ahmed  Mowlavi and Mowlana Fazle Hoque and Hakim Tuffazzal brothers and Mowlana  Abdul Rashid   and Abul Quasem and Mawlavi Ekramul Haque.  Abdus Subahan Khan, Mawlana Shah Habib Ahmed, Hakim Mowlana Yahya, Mowlavi Muslim Khan and Mowlavi Abdur Gaffar and the like.

The gluing tribute for traditional elegants thereof should go to deputy Bari, Yousuf Monjil,Monsef Bari, Munshi Bari and like of which some briliant Stal warts shall remain ever memorable Mowlana Abdul Hakim, Mowlana  Nasiruddin, Wazihullah Sami, Shehabullah Khan, Kazi Yousuf Ahmed, Mowlana Abdul Majid, Shukur Ali Munsef, Khan Bahadur Md.Hasan, Faujul Kabir Monno mia, Deputy Mostafizur Rahman, Professor Ec Habib, Estafajur Raman Khan, Shamsul Huda Khan Siddiqi and Professor Dr. M.U.A Khan, Dr. Hafij and Shah Hafej Ahmed and the like, to name only a few are unforgettable characters all the time. The humble writer can never afford to exhaust referring to Chunati,that involved him top to bottom unless “in passing” as you see it.   

Late Dr. Shabbir Ahmed – Professor (Retired), Chittagong University.

Source: Anjuman 2010


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