Writers Column

Flaming Enigma

A Day In The Life  

Accrued To Make An Ensemble  

Amid We Only Two, And, Very Little  

Even So; Love Demands That For In Feat.  

Furthermore, We Had Been Performed  

Thousands Sun Times, And, Nights  

The Squat Life Among The Intact,  

Our Rhythems Were Pulsating  

To Formulate An Answer ;  

After The Play, The Long Run Of Love  

Your Enigmatic Expressions In All Epochs  

Shaped Me With Astound Thoughts,  

Its Me What Do You Think Prior To ?  

What I Am Or To Be,  

You Just Said--  

"Love You, And Love You Dear Ever"  

Dare To Complete Your Flaming Enigma.  

At This Instant, Here On Your Hands  

The Ash Of Your Counteract Soul  

You Whiffing With Extreme Breath,  

From Your Profound Heart;  

You Elated With Euphoria, Other Than  

I Am Confused About The Answer !  

What Is The Meaning Of Love ?  

That Is Gain, Or Mislaid ?


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