Chunati at a Glance

Chunati happens to be a prosperous village of gifted antiquity. The village is affluent in enlightened cultural heritage as well. It is about 67 Kilometers away from district headquarter along the Arakan road known as the Asian high way, runs along it up to the Coxsbazar. It lies about 3 KM south-west of upzilla HQ and is connected by a metalled road.

Fundamentally Chunati is the name of the village, the dimension of which is not more than two Kilometers. In course of time it has upgraded itself into a union. Among three wards the village includes itself in the second ward.

Chunati is placed in the proper setting of hillocks, dales and meadows encircled with ever stretching homesteads. It has always remained a coveted abode for outsiders beset with roads and rivers connecting with and leading in a manifold way to the Highway nearby.

The scenic beauty of Chunati is unique and superb. The blanket of green spread up to the horizon is marvelous and impressive. Its beautiful surroundings is unparalleled in comparison with other village nearby. Its hillocks, dales and meadows spotted up with ever stretching home steads are aesthetic and colorful. Its plain land, hilly portion, thick begetation have added a new dimension to its geographical aspect.

According to information obtained from U.S.O. The total population of the village is 6162 of which the member of male is 3146 and female 2596 (2001). The dwellers of chunati are predominantly Madrasha education oriented. Wherever he is and whatever is his academic end in pursuit and profession. Agriculture is the main profession of the villagers. Most of the educated people live on service, Private or public at house and abroad.These who have taken up government service and are in the higher ladder prone to live in Dhaka or Chittagong permanently with a very frequent visit to their native village.Some business enterprises are markedly palpable over and above the agriculture making the total economy undoubtedly well though not well off.

Chunati is remarkably an out standing village of south Chittagong. A locality of the enlightened past it poses to be a modern suburb having perhaps none to be per with it’s promises and potentialities in time past and present. The noted sages of carlier domicile have enhanced the cultural flow that was immensely nurtured by yet more resourceful progenies who aptly and amply contributed to their proud legacy for the posterity endowment of cross cultural synthesis epitomizing and regenerating the main stream of the noble heritage. The inhabitants here are always tradition bound but susceptible transformations, they tend reshape modernision in their own way.

Chunati is endowed with the highest literacy rate 80% of which 45% graduate emanates from Madrasha and college university education with more than 8 PhDs in the same village. Among the educational institutional of chunati Hakimia Aliah Madrasha occupies the prime position because of its university standard and traditional aspect. Apart from the Aliah Madrasha it houses a girls college, a high school, one Mohila Madrasha, one primary school and a multitude of Maktabs and Furqaniahs.

Most of the educational institutions are situated side by side and hence pave the way for constructing an enlightened educational zone, which is unprecedented.

Chunati’s culture is based on development of creative faculty. The people are happy go lucky type and recreative all about it they practice Urdu-Persian “Mushanrah” and participate in it self composed nuptial songs are superb and heartfelt. They used to stage dramas early this century with a high performance. Besides people are very much fond of sports and athletics hunting and outing for picnic and excursion are things to fascinate them most.

The population of Chunati is a harmonious blend of conservativeness and spirituality. A great number of enlightened people migrated from outside constitute the balk of population of Chunati. A multitude of people of tinged with religious fervour settled from outside are noted as sages of earlier domicile. The unending flow of immigration does not cease to continue since long past up to this time.

Courtesy : A. D. M. Abdul Baset (Dulal)


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